100% Pure Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Model PW1, 1st Cut Natural Bristles, Best for Thin Hair, Pear Wood Handle, Made in Germany, Premium Hairbrush, by Desert Breeze Distributing

100% Pure Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Model

The Brush Long ago in Germany's Black Forest - home to folklore and fairy tales - a brush maker began crafting the world's finest brushes. Today, his family legacy continues in the same German village it began, under the timeless watch of the Black Forest. The family's dedication to quality has never wavered. Their selection and processing of locally grown wood for the brush handles, preparation and precision cutting of the bristles, to the completion of the final product, the generations of pride are evident in every brush.The Bristles At the extreme elevations of the rugged Tibet Plateau in western China, small family farms raise a special type of wild boar. It's at these high altitudes the boars grow firm, strong bristles. The boars are raised for meat, but the bristles are saved for the merchant who travels from farm to farm to purchase them. It is these unique boar bristles, which come from the boar's neck area, that are the most desirable for a high quality brush. The first cut of the boar bristle is the most firm. This cut includes the root, which is the light color visible at the bristle's end. This first cut is ideal for most hair types. Natural Hair CareThe old adage of "a hundred brush strokes a day," is still proving its worth. The structure of the boar bristle is ve...

  • Brand: Desert Breeze Distributing
  • UPC: 798167169028

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush with Black Soft Charcoal Bristles - Pack of 4 Toothbrushes - BPA Free, Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable - Gentle on Teeth and Gums - Easy to Use with Activated Charcoal Powder

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush with Black Soft Charcoal Bristles

Are you looking for an amazing alternative to plastic which will stay in a landfill or ocean for hundreds of years? Or maybe you're just looking for that perfect toothbrush to use with our SimpleBliss's Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder? Well, look no further! SimpleBliss's Bamboo Toothbrush is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. The toothbrush bristles are made from high quality dupont and are extremely gentle on the tooth's enamel. The handle is made from 100% natural bamboo. What Makes Our Bamboo Toothbrush Better Than the Rest? 100% Natural Eco-friendly and biodegradable handle Lasts just as long as a plastic toothbrush Smooth Bamboo Handle Gentle on Teeth and Gums Vegan friendly BPA Free Naturally Antibacterial Soft Charcoal bristles Comes in 4 individual Kraft Boxes Black Bristles that won't stain Use the Bamboo Toothbrush with regular toothpaste or SimpleBliss's Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder (sold separately). Care: Keep in a dry area. Wash and care for toothbrush just like a conventional toothbrush. It's time to ditch the plastic and make the switch today once and for all! Click on Add to Cart and purchase an extra pack for a family member or loved one. It makes a great gift!

  • Brand: SimpleBliss
  • ASIN: B075BHBNQ4
  • UPC: 601754404566

Kaiercat Boar Bristle Brush-Best at Detangling Thick Hair Vented For Faster Drying-100% Natural Boar Bristles for Hair Oil Distribution (Black)

Kaiercat Boar Bristle Brush-Best at Detangling Thick Hair

4 Colors for your choice: Pink, Purple, Black, White Size: L25 x W7.2cm/ 9.8 x 2.8 inch Brush Head Size: W8.5 x L12 x 3cm/ 3.3 x 4.7 x 1.2 inch Package Size: 26 x 9.5cm Package Content: 1 x Hair Vented Brush Features: • For use on dry and wet hair. • The curved head and nylon pins massage the scalp and detangle. • The vented brush reduce drying time and good for faster blow dryer drying. • Rubber cover handle is comfortable to hold, putting the brush at the perfect angle for optimal styling. • Suit for all types of hair. Ideal for thick or curly hair, and is equally ideal for thin or fine hair as it stimulates the hair folicles. • The density of the boar and nylon bristles are designed to gently go through your hair and natural hair oil to be more evenly distributed from the roots to the ends of the hair.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kaiercat
  • UPC: 612046062456

Beyoung® Natural Boar Bristle Bath Body Brush Wet & Dry Body Brushing - Best Shower Back Scrubber Exfoliating Brush for Dry Brushing Exfoliating Reducing Cellulite Exfoliating Scrub (Black)

Beyoung® Natural Boar Bristle Bath Body Brush Wet

Beyoung® Enjoy younger life! This body brush features natural bristles. The wooden handle is long enough for reaching down you back. The bristles are firm, have a wide bed, and are not scratchy. The perfect combination of firm with softness. You will enjoy softer, smoother skin when you engage in a refreshing natural bristle massage. Features: Natural bristles which is great for wet or dry brushing. Removes dead skin thoroughly and massages skin softly. 17" long handled back brush allows you to clean every spot on your body, it is a very versatile back brush scrubber. Dry brushing your body is proven to stimulate circulation for skin renewal and revitalizing. It improves blood circulation on skin without irritation. Is natural and hygienic, safe for daily use. The long sturdy handle helps scrub hard-to-reach back areas. It helps for relaxation, stress reduction, exfoliating, body scrub. It will give an smoother skin. Specifications: Size: Approx. 17inches.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Beyoung
  • ASIN: B01C5LK2WM

Creative Hair Brushes Classic Petite Natural Boar Bristles -Black

Creative Hair Brushes Classic Petite Natural Boar Bristles

Healthy shiny silky smooth hair. The classic petite boar bristle hair brush is the all purpose hair brush. Want shiny silky hair with a smooth finish. Then this is the hair brush for you. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, when you are brushing you are stimulating the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth. The petite natural boar bristle hair brush is gentle enough for hair extensions. Boar bristles are specially designed to make your hair shiny and smooth, The bristles are the same texture as human hair, and they pull your hairs natural oil from the roots to the tips for a conditioning treatment.

  • Brand: Creative Hair Brushes
  • ASIN: B0798ZCDP8
  • UPC: 879638005462

Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set For Women And Men With Thin, Normal And Fine Hair. Restores Shine And Improves Texture To Your Hair. Great Gift For A Perfect Hair!

Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set For Women

1.Using a boar bristle hairbrush conditions hair naturally Boar bristle brushing is a conditioning treatment.The bristles coat the hair strand with sebum - the oil produced by the scalp - from the root to the end of the hair shaft. By coating each hair strand with a very, very small amount of sebum, a boar bristle brush repairs dry hair and adds lustrous shine! 2. Boar bristle brushing improves hair texture Having a black boar bristle hair brush; it brings out the best. If you have straight hair, it will add bouncy volume and shine. If you have curly hair, it will condition and slightly loosen the curl. 3. Boar bristle brushing reduces frizz Sebum is the original and most effective anti-frizz serum. By using a boar bristle brush to lubricate each hair strand with sebum, you will notice a significant decrease in frizz! 4. Boar bristle brushing stimulates the scalp. You will find your daily session of boar bristle brushing a meditative and relaxing experience. A paddle boar bristle brush feels divine on the scalp and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which might stimulate hair growth. 5. Boar bristle brushing reduces the need for styling products Brush your hair twice daily for desired results. The now coated with sebum hair strands will no longer need to use leave-in co...

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Belula
  • ASIN: B077Y2DY1X

Kent Medium Pure Black Natural Bristle Cushion Brush, CSFM

Kent Medium Pure Black Natural Bristle Cushion Brush,

A medium oval cushioned handbag sized brush finished in a deep midnight ruby coloured handle and filled with pure black bristle A design ideal for livening up and grooming short, medium and even long hair. The bristle cleans hair, promotes shine and stimulates the scalp.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kent
  • ASIN: B002I8XA8Q
  • UPC: 885420726507

Wheatstraw Eco Friendly Charcoal Toothbrush - Kids & Adult Natural, Biodegradable, Soft Bristles Soothes Teeth & Gums, Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Tooth brushes

Wheatstraw Eco Friendly Charcoal Toothbrush - Kids &

WHEATSTRAW IS WHEAT PULP SO THIS PLASTIC FREE, ECO FRIENDLY, BIODEGRADABLE TOOTHBRUSH OFFERS A PLASTIC FREE ALTERNATIVE TO YOUR PLASTIC TOOTHBRUSH. This means you will feel good in your teeth whitening while also helping the environment! Your purchase of this offers many reasons to smile: 💛 It's a multipack of 4 suitable as a Kids toothbrush and for adults, as a disposable travel toothbrush or Black Toothpaste Brush 💛 Benefit from the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of Binchotan Charcoal. 💛 Perfect for Sensitive Teeth and Gums as the bristles are soft as recommended by Dentists and prevents harsh scrubbing of the enamel and wearing back of the gums. 💛 Reduce environmental impact as Wheat straw is a renewable resource and abundantly available. 💛 Bio-degradable & Eco -Friendly & Natural Toothbrush 💛 Tooth whitening product for adults & children 💛 To be used as a daily teeth whitening charcoal product with/out Charcoal Toothpaste. 💛 Colour coded in soft shades of Pink Blue Cream and Green they soothe the senses. 💛 Individually wrapped and comes in a paper bag. All questions will be happily answered!

  • Color: Pink, Blue, Cream, Green
  • Brand: Montpelle
  • ASIN: B078351TMZ
  • UPC: 602573474464

YOUNGSTER AGE Beard Brush and Comb Set Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush, Sweet sanderswood comb, black shaving scissors with Fashion Canvas Pocket

YOUNGSTER AGE Beard Brush and Comb Set Natural

Tips for choosing and using brush and comb: -The first time you use it, soften it with warm water to remove the messy hair and beard that the brush may have, it feels more comfortable. -Bristle hair is not easily deformed, resistant to humidity. Dry it after using will ensure a long-lasting for brush. -Combing hair more often is beneficial to improve hair and beard growth and promote blood circulation, choosing a right comb becomes important. -Sweet sabdalwood comb can protect the hair phospholipid is not destroyed, less damage to the hair with no static electricity. Features: -Easy to carry for business trip or traveling -A Gentle Journey through your Hair -Long-lasting, Warp-Resistant Handle -Suitable for head hair, big beard, short beard, moustache. -Lightweight Design and sweet sabdalwood smells relaxing ,peace of mind and heart. Product Info: Material of brush: natural bamboo and pure bristal Size of brush: 112*55*30 mm Length of brush hair:15 mm Length of scissor:4.5 inch Material of scissor: Stainless Steel Material of two-headed comb:natural sandal wood (Size:95*55*9mm) Material of folding comb:natural Amoora wood (Size:108*50*17mm) Weight:153.5g (5.41oz) Perfect beard brush and comb set product for you, best gift for you and your friends with super quality and light...

  • ASIN: B078LXT14Y
  • UPC: 777791799184
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