Your Child's Weight: Helping Without Harming

Your Child's Weight: Helping Without

As much about parenting as feeding, this latest release from renowned childhood feeding expert Ellyn Satter considers the overweight child issue in a new way. Combining scientific research with inspiring anecdotes from her decades of clinical practice, Satter challenges the conventional belief that parents must get overweight children to eat less and exercise more. In the long run, she says, making them go hungry and forcing them to be active makes children preoccupied with food, prone to overeating, turned off to activity, and likely to gain too much weight. Trust is a central theme here: children must be able to trust parents to provide as much food as they need to satisfy their appetites; parents must trust children to eat only as much as they need. Satter provides compelling evidence that, if parents do their jobs with respect to feeding, children are remarkably capable of knowing how much to eat.

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Achieving a Healthy Weight for Your Child: An Action Plan for Families

Achieving a Healthy Weight for Your Child: An

Achieving a Healthy Weight for Your Child: An Action Plan for Families is an essential guide to help parents take action to support their child's healthy nutrition and physical activity at home, in school and in the community. Whether your child struggles with weight issues or you are working on obesity prevention, this book will help you understand childhood obesity and take an informed approach to your child's eating, activity, screen time and physical and emotional health. Included in this highly readable guide are Sensible, nutritional guidelines emphasizing balanced and nourishing meals Suggestions for encouraging your child to become more physically activeAdvice on how to partner with your pediatrician, extended family members, schools and child care to help ensure success Guidance for dealing with emotional turmoil, setbacks and detours along the way Interactive questions to help you individually tailor your approach to the needs of your child and family With the information and tools provided in Achieving a Healthy Weight for Your Child: An Action Plan for Families along with hard work and perseverance your family will succeed in reaching your goals.

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Free Your Child from Overeating: A Handbook for Helping Kids and Teens

Free Your Child from Overeating: A Handbook for

Is your child or teen overeating or overweight?Are you unsure how to help? You’re not alone. If your ten- to eighteen-year-old is struggling with overeating, you know how hard that can be—for your child and for you. Unhealthy eating habits put kids and teens’ well-being and self-confidence at risk. Something needs to change—but what? And how can you bring it up so they can really hear you? You may have tried to help your child—without much success—but you may be overlooking the root cause of their struggle with eating and exercise—their thinking. In Free Your Child from Overeating, Dr. Michelle P. Maidenberg shares over 40 interactive exercises that will help your child or teen:  Identify triggers, cravings, and self-sabotaging thought patternsDefine his or her values and find the motivation to changeLearn to eat mindfully by savoring meals and snacksAnd set realistic goals using the four P’s: predict, plan, put into action, and practice.  It can be tempting to hope that your child’s overeating is “just a phase,” but the price of inaction is too high. Using Dr. Maidenberg’s 53 strategies (rooted in mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy), you can free your child from overeating or obesity by building his or her c...

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The DAILY 30: The Quick Everyday Bodyweight Workout! (Basic Fitness Exercise Routine for children, teen, men, women, and senior) (The STRENGTH WARRIOR Workout Routine - Series Book 1)

The DAILY 30: The Quick Everyday Bodyweight Workout!

Bodyweight Fitness Perfected in this #1 Best Seller!Fitness doesn't have to be hard! Let's keep it simple, fast and effective, so you can get the most out of every minute! Get started today and feel the benefits in less than 30 days!Get Stronger - Build Muscle - Lose FatSimple, Fast and effective. Those are the keywords to describe this Bodyweight Strength Training Routine. We took only the most effective bodyweight exercises and combined them into an easy to follow Bodyweight Circuit for anyone to:Get StrongerBuild MuscleBurn FatIncrease Muscular FitnessDecrease Muscle and Joint Painand so much more!Get these results anywhere, anytime with just a few minutes of exercise everyday!(Workout in as little as 2-30 minutes everyday to decrease pain and increase your results!)Do it at home with the whole family, in the office, or even while traveling! It is always the perfect time and place, to get fit and learn how to move perfectly!The Daily 30 will teach you how to do proven bodyweight movements PERFECTLY!Learn to perfect these Core Exercises and they will improve how you feel everyday, for the rest of you life, guaranteed!Whether you are a Powerlifter (as I am), a child, a stay at home parent, a desk bound employee, or are just too busy to maintain a regular workout schedule, this i...

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AMPERSAND SHOPS Toy Kids Adjustable Barbell - 8 Different Weight Plates (30" Bar)

AMPERSAND SHOPS Toy Kids Adjustable Barbell - 8

Take your kids to the gym with this awesome adjustable barbell set! Each weight plate can be filled with either water or sand! These adjustable weight plates allows for your kids to grow stronger while having loads of fun! Features: Adjustable Weight Plates For Developing Kids Muscles Can be filled with sand as well as water Perfect way to slowly develope kids' muscles Enjoyable for both kids and adults Perfect for the beach or home play! Package Contents: 1x Barbell 8x Weight Plates

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Eat the Berries: Weight Loss for Busy Moms

Eat the Berries: Weight Loss for Busy

ARE YOU TIRED OF CARRYING AROUND THAT BABY WEIGHT SIX MONTHS OR EVEN SIX YEARS LATER? Did you have a baby and then wonder “What about me?” Are you still carrying those extra 10, 20, or even 100-plus pounds but you can’t figure out how to lose them while still being a mom? Jamie Hernandez helps moms just like you lose the weight and feel great. Her book, Eat the Berries: Weight Loss for Busy Moms, will teach you how to make small, realistic lifestyle changes that fit into your schedule so you can have lasting results! After reading Eat the Berries, you will be able to:Create an eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle as a mom Find exercise that is fun and exciting and that you will really want to doReach your goal weight and stay thereLearn healthy habits and make them stickBe who you are meant to beEat the Berries will not only teach you how to use food and exercise to achieve your weight loss goals, but how to get your mind to work for you in the process. Who runs the world? Moms! Strong moms, and you are one of them. Are you ready to try something new, and get new results? Let’s do this!


Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair, Two 1 lbs) for Women, Men and Kids - Fully Adjustable Weight for Arm, Hand & Leg - Best for Walking, Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Gym - (Sleek Grey) - 1 Year Warranty

Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair, Two 1 lbs) for

ANKLE / WRIST WEIGHTS (1 PAIR) - DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE FOR WALKING & JOGGING Presented by Nordic Lifting - Carefully Crafted with Premium Quality Neoprene and Reinforced Stitching - Ergonomic Design for Extra Comfort and the Perfect Fit - Reflective Trim provides Safety for Outdoor Use - Fully Adjustable Velcro for Ankles, Wrists, Legs & Hands Who can benefit from resistance training? • Beginners as well as seasoned fitness individuals - a "Must Have" for Home Training • One size fits all: Women, Men & Kids Weights Functionality ➤ INCREASE OUTPUT: Whether you're an elite athlete or a novice, these weights can help you to step up your workout routine ➤ CORE TRAINING: By improving our core stability and strength we can avoid unnecessary injury and pain ➤ SPEED UP RECOVERY: Ankle and wrist weights are commonly used by physical therapy specialists - The added resistance aids in muscle recovery and rehabilitation ➤ VERSATILE: Use weights to supplement workout routines such as Walking, Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Group Training, Cross Training, Gym and other Fitness Activity Inside Nordic Lifting Signature Box ✓ 2x Ankle / Wrist Weights ✓ 1x Carry Bag ✓ Instructions Manual Our Guarantee We are so confident in our Nordic Lifting weight lifting a...

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Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain. All New Formula. Natural Appetite and Weight Gain Stimulant for Underweight Children Fortified with Vitamin C & B12

Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain. All New Formula. Natural Appetite

Exclusive to Pediakid, All-New Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain is reformulated for an effective and natural product. It is specially designed to help underweight children who lack the desire to eat, to have a healthy appetite. New Appetite-Weight Gain Formula is best at stimulating the appetite, helping children to eat and to gain weight. It is fortified with Vitamin C & B12 to help reduce stress & fatigue, and to support the energy & calories for a healthy appetite result. Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain is a unique combination of liquid ingredients of vegetables, natural fibers and organic minerals traditionally known to improve appetite and to support weight gain. Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain is an ideal natural appetite stimulant for children who lack the desire for foods and who are losing weight, to eat well. Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain is naturally safe with all natural liquid ingredients, healthy fibers and organic minerals, all in a gentle and effective formulation. New Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain Formula is Allergent Free. No Gluten, No Soy, No Egg, No Milk and No Peanuts. Two exclusive innovations of Pediakid products: 1- Organic Agave Nectar provides highly nutritive, natural and energetic calories. 2- Organic Acacia fibers with natural Prebiotics help balance ...

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Ending the Food Fight: Guide Your Child to a Healthy Weight in a Fast Food/ Fake Food World

Ending the Food Fight: Guide Your Child to

In a world dominated by fast food and fake food, establishing healthy eating habits in children is one of the greatest concerns for parents -- and potentially one of the greatest challenges. Fortunately, the renowned physician Dr. David Ludwig developed a proven lifestyle plan that has benefited thousands of families. Here he shares his nine-week program, offering the tools -- including tasty recipes, motivational tips, and activities -- that can help families prevent the kitchen table from becoming a battleground.

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