Sprang; thread twisting,: A creative textile technique

Sprang; thread twisting,: A creative textile

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Creative Knitting: A New Art Form. New & Expanded Edition (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace)

Creative Knitting: A New Art Form. New &

The first book to introduce knitting as an art form, this classic guide has been newly revised and expanded to offer even more suggestions and inspiration. Mary Walker Phillips shows how to use traditional stitches in original ways to produce highly decorative creations rather than strictly functional items. Scores of examples demonstrate methods for taking basic knitting skills into new and rewarding directions.Clear, easy-to-follow diagrams and color photos supplement the text. In addition to serving as practical guides, the illustrations offer a vast gallery of ideas. Many of the pictures are accompanied by detailed analyses that provide a foundation for experimentation. Phillips discusses the use of a wide range of nontraditional materials, including linen, silk, and leather. A chapter on the history of knitting offers insights into the nature of the craft as well as further sources of creative vision.

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Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse: Three Stories of Sustainable Design

Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse: Three Stories

The textile and fashion industries produce millions of tons of solid waste every year through the many processes used--from yarn production, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, to apparel construction, quality inspection and unsold goods--generating waste at each step. Typically, this waste is sent to landfills, incinerated or, at best, recycled into low-quality fibers used for industrial applications. Scraps, published for Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s exhibition of the same name, presents three designers’ alternative approaches to the shockingly high human and environmental costs of textile industry waste.Christina Kim, founder of Los Angeles–based brand Dosa; Reiko Sudo, cofounder of Tokyo textile firm Nuno; and Luisa Cevese, founder of Milan-based accessories and home goods company Riedizioni, all share a profound respect for scraps as repositories of raw materials, energy, labor and creativity. Inspired by the long tradition of using handcraft to give new life to scraps and castoffs, each takes an entirely different approach to contending with textile waste, but all agree that there is much to be gained--aesthetically and financially, as well as environmentally and socially--by making recycling an integral part of their design practice.The delicate be...

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The Stitches of Creative Embroidery

The Stitches of Creative

This classic book of embroidery stitch instructions shows more than 200 different stitches, many of them endangered ethnic types which have not been in print before. Many countries including France, Spain, India, Mexico, and the Orient are represented. Step-by-step diagrams and photographs of finished articles will inspire even a beginner.

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Felt to Stitch: Creative Felting for Textile Artists

Felt to Stitch: Creative Felting for Textile

Versatile and easy to make, felt provides an ideal base for surface embellishment. This inspirational guide explores the possibilities, from creating felt from scratch to selecting unusual dye combinations and producing three-dimensional pieces. Using the sample projects that illustrate the main techniques, both beginning and advanced fiber artists will soon be experimenting with color, line, shape, pattern, and texture. Special sections on Japanese Shibori (knotting and dyeing the surface) and Nuno (combining felt with other materials to create rich and interesting fabric surfaces) make this a must-have for all fiber artists. 

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Creative Textiles Projects for Children

Creative Textiles Projects for

This book presents a series of guided, easy-to-follow workshops aimed at children of a primary school age and upwards, working under supervision but not necessarily in the classroom. Each project will build confidence with techniques and materials, encouraging the child to engage with more challenging ideas once they understand the usefulness and relevance of the skills they have already acquired. The projects move from simple 2-D designs exploring colour and form right up to more complex 3-D forms mixing techniques and media. Each project contains options for experimenting with other media.

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Fashion Thinking: Creative Approaches to the Design Process (Required Reading Range)

Fashion Thinking: Creative Approaches to the Design Process

Students often struggle to develop their own style and approach to design. While the design process is fundamental to the way all fashion designers work, there is no right or wrong method: each emerging designer must find their own authentic process. Fashion Thinking establishes key approaches to design and enables this process of discovery. Nine student projects form the core of the book, representing a diverse range of strategies at each key stage of the design cycle. By following each throughout their various stages of development, these examples offer a unique and inspiring insight into the thinking behind a final collection and enables emerging fashion designers to discover their own working method in the process.

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Creative Thread: 20 People-Inspired Embroideries Using Modern Hand-Stitching Techniques

Creative Thread: 20 People-Inspired Embroideries Using Modern Hand-Stitching

Learn to embroider project by project with Royal School of Needlework trained, professional embroiderer Jo Dixey.Sure - colouring books are enjoyable and great for stress relief, but what if you want more? More creativity, more mindfulness and more fun? There are myriad crafts that can give you all of these and embroidery, or stitching, is one of them. Tap into your creative side and make one-off pieces of art, embellish clothing with images and symbols unique to you, or make beautiful gifts for your friends.Professional embroiderer Jo Dixey has designed this book to inspire and challenge both those new to embroidery and those with some knowledge of stitch who want to take their ideas further. Each project introduces new embroidery stitches and techniques. As you work through the ideas, you expand your skills and gain confidence in using stitches and ideas in your own work.The projects range from small embroidered cards to more complex pictures to hang on your wall; simple appliqué for a scarf to an embroidered jacket - all based on the theme of people. Templates of the images to stitch are provided for photocopying and there is a photo gallery of all the stitches covered in the book, along with step-by-step photographs of key techniques, such as transferring patterns onto fabri...

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Creative Textile Design: Thread and Fabric.

Creative Textile Design: Thread and

This book is not concerned with how to make textiles, but with the creative use to which they can be put. The textiles themselves are of the least sophisticated kind - they even include string and sacking - but the results achieved from hem are varied and imaginative. These results take the form of abstract patterns, animals, toys and decorations. As with the other books in the series, the aim is to stimulate by example rather than to provide a series of do-it-yourself instructions to be mechanically copied. The possibilities which come into view not only stir the powers of design and creation, but give the reader a feeling for the materials and methods of one of mankind's most ancient crafts. There are over 150 monochrome and color illustrations, many of them devoted to children's work. It is the illustrations, rather than the brief written text, which provide the raison d'etre for this most attractive book.

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