Lemondrop Saison Beer Recipe Kit - Malt Extract and Ingredients for 5 Gallons of Homebrew Beer

Lemondrop Saison Beer Recipe Kit - Malt Extract

It's time to meet your new warm-weather squeeze - a clean, classic saison with a refreshing citrusy twist. Treat your taste buds to Lemondrop Saison. Like so many perfect pairings, this recipe unites two halves to achieve a greatness neither could ever reach on their own. Like peanut butter and jelly. Mac and cheese. Hall & Oates. Pronounced flavors of lemon, melon and herbal undertones make Lemondrop hops a natural fit for the fruity esters and spicy phenolics inherent to the classic Saison style. Pouring with perfect synergy, Lemondop Saison shines a deep golden color, with moderate bitterness, a dry finish and an astounding depth of flavor. Bright, complex and absolutely quenchable...quaffable? We mean you will thoroughly enjoy drinking it. Preferably on a porch swing. Be sure to ferment this recipe on the warm side to ensure full flavor development and enjoy it while the sun shines. Brewing Notes: Style: Saison Fermentation Range: 69 - 75F OG: 1.060 SRM: 6 IBUs: 25 ABV: 7.2% Tasting Notes: Distinct estery and phenolic Saison character Medium - light body Lemon, melon and herbal notes Moderate bitterness Dry finish Makes 5 Gallons of finished beer. Kit Includes: Malt Extract, Steeping Grains, Hops (including Lemondrop hops), Dry Yeast, Priming Sugar, Muslin Steeping Bag, Comp...

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Northern Brewer

Zatarain's Root Beer Concentrate, 4 Ounce Bottles (pack of 2)

Zatarain's Root Beer Concentrate, 4 Ounce Bottles (pack

Zatarain's Root Beer Concentrate, 4 Ounce Bottles (pack of 2)

  • Brand: Zatarain's
  • ASIN: B00GFHV8Y4
  • UPC: 071429021785

Sierra Madre American Pale Ale Kit With Specialty Grains - Homebrew Clone Beer Making Recipe Kit - Malt Extract (5 Gallons)

Sierra Madre American Pale Ale Kit With Specialty

All of you out there currently enjoying that chocolate Bourbon-barrel-Brettanomyces continuously-wet-hopped Imperial black IPA, take a moment and say a silent "thank you" to the humble West Coast American Pale Ale. Sure, it might seem tame to your 21st century craft beer sensibilities and sensory-overloaded palate, but back when Northern Brewer was four dudes and a 20-foot storefront, this style was the "extreme" beer - and it's still going strong. More than any other, this widely-imitated ale is responsible for bringing craft beer into the national consciousness and re-introducing America to real beer. Now it's a classic. Decidedly clean, firmly hoppy, and drinkably bitter, this isn't an ale that feels the need to jump up and down and scream for your attention. From Chico, California to all points of the compass, whether you're pairing it with Mexican, burgers and fries, or just conversation, there's always a good time and a place for a good, basic pale ale. Prepare this beer correctly and you just might notice some similarities to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Beer Kit Yield: 5 Gallons; Regional Style: USA; Beer Style: American Pale Ale/Cream Ale; Color: Light; Original Gravity: 1052; Total Time to Make: 6 weeks. Kit includes: malt extract, Yeast, 5 oz. Priming Sugar, 0.75 oz. C...

  • Brand: Northern Brewer

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies JI-JHQY-CYU0 True Brew Oktoberfest Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies JI-JHQY-CYU0 True Brew

Falling leaves, crisp air, celebrate the season in true German style. Each True Brew ingredient kit makes approximately 5 gallons of beer which is equivalent to 2 cases of 12oz beers. This Ingredient Kit Includes: Unhopped amber malt extract (1 can), light dried malt extract (2 lbs), melanoidin grain (8 oz), hop pellets (2 oz), ale yeast (1 pack), grain steeping bag, priming sugar (5 oz), bottle caps, easy to read instructions.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies
  • ASIN: B003SSFG7I
  • UPC: 887695774207

Watkins Imitation Root Beer Extract 2oz

Watkins Imitation Root Beer Extract

Use in ice cream, sauces, syrups, barbeque ribs, baked beans, and sparkling sodas.

  • Brand: Watkins
  • ASIN: B004FDD1H2
  • UPC: 818570006151

Homebrew Root Beer

Homebrew Root

One bottle of extract makes four gallons! Easy-to-Make, instructions included. Non-alcoholic, fourteen Original Flavors. Full-bodied flavor from carefully researched recipes Low Calorie - Add your own sweeteners Caffeine-free!A suggestion from Ron B in Fort Pierce, FL: "I use 2-3 drops of soda extract in a pot of coffee (after brewing), and it puts store-bought 'gourmet' coffee beans to shame! My wife loves a Raspberry and Cream combination. Try it!"

  • Brand: Rainbow Flavors
  • ASIN: B00D48VON2
  • UPC: 859893003670

Homebrew Birch Root Beer

Homebrew Birch Root

If you have the equipment needed to brew beer, you have everything you need to make homemade Soft drinks. Homemade soda is very easy to make and is a great project to do with the kids. These extracts include enough to make 4 gallons. Champagne yeast, pet bottles, and sugar is also needed to make soda from these extracts. Complete Instructions are included in the extract box.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Rainbow Flavorings
  • ASIN: B00D48ML66
  • UPC: 859893003687

Northern Brewer 2-Pack 1 Gallon Malty Homebrew Beer Recipe Kits - Caribou Slobber Brown Ale Recipe Kit and Irish Red Ale Recipe Kit - Malt Extract and Ingredients for 1 Gallon

Northern Brewer 2-Pack 1 Gallon Malty Homebrew Beer

A 2-Pack of 1 Gallon Beer Recipe Kits. Caribou Slobber: Dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light-roast coffee give way to reveal a hop character you'll be surprised to find if you're used to drinking English brown ale. Irish Red: Irish ales are malty, smooth, and many, like our kit, are a rich copper-red color. Great taste, drinkability, and low aging requirements make this our best-selling kit. Each of the two kits include ingredients to make 1 Gallon of finished beer. Works with any 1 Gallon Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

  • Color: Brown, Red
  • Brand: Northern Brewer

Home Brew Stuff HBS-BLONDEALE BLONDE ALE Beer Recipe Ingredient Kit

Home Brew Stuff HBS-BLONDEALE BLONDE ALE Beer Recipe

It’s true that some gentlemen prefer blondes, and lots of homebrewers do, too. This is a smooth, easy to drink beer. It is simple, with a nice balance between simple malt flavors, bittering and a clean fermentation character, with all aspects of the beer in harmony. With its deep gold color and brilliant clarity you too will soon be a sucker for a blond picture is a representation of this product, ingredients may differ from recipe to recipe.

  • Color: Amber
  • Brand: Home Brew Stuff
  • ASIN: B00U1TT5PG
  • UPC: 642125538381
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