3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration

Plastic lenses can yellow with age, reducing headlight brightness, and new lenses can be expensive. The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System lets you shine and restore plastic lenses, including headlights, taillights, fog and directional lights. By restoring clarity to the lens, the performance of the headlight is improved and the appearance of the vehicle is enhanced Now you can produce professional results with the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System and a household drill (1200-1600 rpm). Kit includes all items necessary to perform the task except for the drill, tape and clean cloth.

  • Color: 1 Pack
  • Brand: 3M
  • ASIN: B001AIZ5HY
  • UPC: 051131390089

Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes, Streak Free, Fog Free, Light Scent, Individually Wrapped Packets, Easy Cleaning of all lens

Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes, Streak Free, Fog Free,

The Mossslian Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes is made for cleaning, It brings you Ultimate convenience and Streak Free The Mossslian Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes is ultimate convenience in cleaning of all the lenses, Specially formulated with a unique, gentle alcohol solution, light scent, these wet wipes gently and effectively remove smudges, dirt and germ. Leaving optical surfaces free of scratches, streaks or residue. Individually wrapped and disposable Lens cleaning wipes brings you on the go convenience, wherever you are, whenever you need, this lens cleaning wipes can be conveniently stored in the car, at home, at school or at work. One Wipe, just clean and toss.Easy cleaning no longer have to worry about cleaning the lens. It's necessity to go out and travel. Independent packaging design & portability You can put it into a briefcase, pocket, cosmetic bag and wallet. It is also suitable for home, office, sports, outdoor activities, traveling, shopping, dating. MOSSLIAN cleaning wipes work best for: ✔ eyeglasses and sunglasses; ✔ LCD & smartphone screen; ✔ rear-view mirror & glass mirror; ✔ MacBook laptop & touch screens. Specification Package includes 100 individually packaged lens cleaning wipes. Warnings: On glossy surfaces, test a small area first. Singl...

  • Brand: MOSSLIAN
  • UPC: 762360033547

Scott Sports NoFog Cleaner Spray - 2 oz. Capacity

Scott Sports NoFog Cleaner Spray - 2 oz.

Scott's No-Fog Spray cleaner safely cleans goggle lenses, helmet face shields and provides anti-fogging. Simply spray on and wipe off with a soft clean cloth.

  • Brand: Scott Sports
  • ASIN: B007HFX4M2
  • UPC: 886687141355

Anti Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner, Long Lasting Defogger For Glasses, Goggles, Ski Masks Mirrors and Windows (2 Pack)

Anti Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner, Long Lasting

Splaqua is the #1 Defogger Spray Cleaner on the Market!Splaqua is the the best anti-fog lens cleaner out there today. We take fogging up lenses seriously so we have created a formula that can not only instantly remove fog but do so in a very long lasting way. Our formula works on glasses, goggles and camera lenses. Great For Sports Wear GogglesSnowboard? Ski? Snorkel?Go Swimming? Play Hockey? Play Paintball? Well then this Splaqua anti-fog system is great for you! People who work in extreme sports tend to wear masks as they are not only necessary but required. The #1 problem people in extreme sports have is their masks or goggles tend to fog up. It is irritating and hinders their ability to engage in their sport safely. So we have worked long and hard on a product that can give extreme sports participants exactly what they need. Our system releases a spray that instantly defogs your goggles or mask. It also leaves your lenses with a perfect streak free finish that allows you to see through your goggles clearer than you ever have before. This spray also works as a true cleaner too. It removes dirt, smudges, makeup --anything you can think of it gets rid of easily. It also keeps your lenses defogged longer--you don't have to reapply every few seconds. It is long lasting unlike all...

  • Color: 2 Pack
  • Brand: Splaqua
  • ASIN: B0143RD6S8
  • UPC: 857654004300

EK USA Scope Dope Spray On, Multi-Use Anti-Fog Spray Lens Cleaner, Safe on all Lenses, Eyeglasses, Camera Lens, Scopes, Binoculars - 1 Ounce

EK USA Scope Dope Spray On, Multi-Use Anti-Fog

Spray on anti-fog/lens cleaner, one ounce. Specifically formulated for scopes, binoculars, and eyewear. Safe on all lenses and coatings. To use this convenient, anti mask fog spray and lens cleaner, simply spray on, then wipe off for improved clarity. This one-ounce Scope Dope Spray On bottle holds enough Cat Crap for multiple uses. Also repels lint and dust, and is designed to provide protection from mild scratches.

  • Color: Balm Cleaner Paste
  • Brand: EK USA
  • UPC: 033383960845

Headlight Lens Restoration System Car Lens Cleaner Headlamp Cleaning Tool Polishing Kit by MUITOBOM

Headlight Lens Restoration System Car Lens Cleaner Headlamp

Contents:Headlight Restoration Kit (COMES IN VISBELLA SEALED OPP BAG). Steps: 1. Prepare:Clean the lens with water, tape the surrounding of the lens to avoid scratches. 2. Sanding:Wet the sanding disc and attach it to the backer pad. Sands with three different grits to make a completely removal of the heavy yellowing, fading and corrosion. (Note: Use the sanding disc from coarse to fine: P800-P1200-P2000, otherwise will result in failure). 3. Polishing:Attach the sponge disc to the backer pad, apply the polish paste(step 2) to lens and polish till shining as original condition. Note: If polish by hand. your're suggested to polish no less than 200 circles clock wise. Will results better is do with a polish machine. 4. Protection: Clean the headlight lens and make sure the lens is dry enough before protection step.Using a sponge disc white provided by kit,evenly apply the protect liquid(step 3)on the surface of lens under shadow.Protect liquid will form a magic layer on the headlight surface when it fully dry.(Fully dry will need 2 hour under directly sunshine) Note:After step 3,keep the lens dry and don't wash the car within 24 hours.

  • Brand: MUITOBOM
  • ASIN: B0767K37P5
  • UPC: 192062942234

M Essentials Sea Drop Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner for Dive Masks

M Essentials Sea Drop Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner

Sea drops anti-fog drops by M Essentials cleans lenses and gets rid of fog, Giving you a crystal clear view of the underwater world. Easy to use in the field and safe for Silicone and rubber frames, sea drops is concentrated, long-lasting and non-abrasive. Just squeeze, rub, rinse and wear. Part of the mcnett family of brands, M Essentials features an assortment of reliable products designed to repair and maintain the life of watersports gears. For three decades mcnett has been providing you with the essentials for adventure.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: mEssentials
  • UPC: 021563402209

Extreme Rage Paintball Anti-Fog 2-oz Lens Cleaner

Extreme Rage Paintball Anti-Fog 2-oz Lens

The Extreme Rage Anti-Fog lense cleaner is designed for cleaning dust, paint, or debris off of your Extreme Rage Goggle System. Can be used on any lense surface for example helmet, sunglasses, or paintball equipment. Comes in a convienient spray bottle with cap for use and transport anywhere.

  • Brand: Extreme Rage
  • ASIN: B0009NEOZU
  • UPC: 789625220191

The Original C-Clear Anti-Fog and Anti-Static Lens Cleaner NOW in Spray Bottles (1 oz.) (Pack of 5)

The Original C-Clear Anti-Fog and Anti-Static Lens Cleaner

If you have been searching for the ultimate anti fog spray that is proven to work in even the most extreme conditions, you have come to the right place. C-Clear anti fog spray is the number one no fog spray on the market for a reason: C-Clear anti fog spray has been extensively tested both in the lab and in the real world. Proven safe for prescription lenses and all glass, polycarbonate and other plastic lenses, C-Clear no fog spray is guaranteed to keep your eye wear clear. 1 ounce anti fog spray bottles are easily portable and TSA friendly. With hundreds of applications in each spray bottle, C-Clear 1 ounce anti fog spray bottles contain enough anti spray to last an individual many months! Buying for a group? Buy in bulk and save today! Browse our selection below for more savings details. C-Clear spray will help, but not stop fogging on anti-reflective (AR) coated lenses or eyeglasses

  • Brand: C-Clear
  • UPC: 854154003666
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