Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Over-The-Air [OTA] HDTV with Wi-Fi for LIVE TV Streaming

Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Over-The-Air

Tablo is a 4-Tuner Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR for Cord-Cutters using HDTV antennas to access broadcast TV signals. All Tablo units include dual band Wi-Fi enabling Tablo and the antenna to be placed in an optimal location for OTA reception. Browse, record and stream up to four simultaneous live or recorded HDTV programs on your iPad, Android tablet, laptop, smartphone, or your big screen TV using Roku, Chrome cast or Apple TV. A Whole-Home-DVR and place shifter combined, Tablo streams your favorite HDTV programs including local news and sports to all connected devices on your home network or anywhere you have internet.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Tablo
  • UPC: 820103808576

Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR for Cord Cutters - with WiFi - For use with HDTV Antennas

Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR for Cord Cutters

Tablo is a network-connected DVR that streams live and recorded over-the-air (OTA) HDTV from your digital antenna to any screen, anytime, anywhere using the Tablo app. Tablo DUAL can stream or record up to two OTA TV channels simultaneously and includes 40 hours of onboard HD recording storage. A whole-home DVR for cord cutters, Tablo is the only OTA DVR that allows you to use either Ethernet or dual-band Wi-Fi to connect your HDTV antenna to your home network so you can place the DVR and antenna in the best location for OTA TV signal reception. Tablo apps are available free for iOS/android mobile phones & tablets, computers, Smart TVs, streaming media and gaming devices, including Roku, Fire TV, android TV, Apple TV, and Xbox as well as support for Chromecast. For technical assistance contact 1-844-822-5688.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tablo
  • ASIN: B0731QW3MR
  • UPC: 696106000008

SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT. FREE broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner)

SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT. FREE broadcast HDTV

Free broadcast HDTV. The simple way to watch live HDTV on media devices throughout your home. Forget about cable TV. Cut the cord and make ‘HDHomeRun Connect’ part of your home network. Your devices can then receive Free broadcast TV channels via an antenna allowing you to send glorious HD 1080i definition content to anywhere in your home via an Ethernet connection and to multiple devices. No more expensive subscriptions or cable boxes. SD (Standard Digital) also works over wifi to extend your viewing capability. You can also record, pause, rewind and schedule your favorite shows using popular compatible DVR software like Windows Media Center, Elgato EyeTV and Myth TV. Watch on the following devices: Computers, Smart TVs, games consoles, Blu-ray players and Tablets/phones.What’s Included: HDHomeRun Connect device, Cat5e cable, Power adapter and Quick start guide. What you need: Antenna suitable for reception in your area.Coax cable. Internet connection (for PVR software guide data downloads). Home network router. Computer, DLNA compatible smart TV, media player or game console. Specifications: 2 tuners. 8-VSB (ATSC over-the-air digital TV). QAM64/256 (unencrypted digital cable TV). 100baseTX high-speed network. 1 year warranty. Computer hardware requirements: Dual core CPU....

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: SiliconDust
  • ASIN: B00GY0UB54
  • UPC: 094922394576

Terk Complete Cord Cutter Kit – Record LIVE TV with the Digital Converter Box & HDTV Antenna Bundle

Terk Complete Cord Cutter Kit – Record LIVE

Tired of paying monthly cable or satellite bills to watch local broadcast shows? Would you like to save an average of $1,000 per year? Cut the cord and free yourself from monthly cable bills with the Digital Converter Box and HDTV Antenna Bundle by TERK. Now you can have the convenience of a DVR recorder and TV without a costly subscription. Made from high quality components, TERK's antenna bundle exceeds quality and functionality standards that ensure years of optimal performance. The amplified 60-mile radius of coverage lets you watch your favorite broadcast programs. Featuring a patented 360° multi-directional design, the antenna picks up multi-directional signals for the best possible HD picture from ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CW and many more. Set up takes minutes. The easy-to-use interface of TERK's digital converter box set lets you connect to your TV, Home theater display, or projector in minutes. The sleek minimal design blends easily with any interior, making it easy to keep your TV area looking clean and clutter-free. TERK's Complete Cord Cutter Kit includes a digital converter box, indoor HDTV antenna, remote control, coaxial cables, and amplifier. TERK has even included a 16gb USB thumb drive for conveniently recording your favorite shows. Available in 2 and 3 packs, for e...

  • Brand: Terk
  • ASIN: B075831PRX
  • UPC: 044476132384

Roamio OTA VOX 1TB DVR – With no monthly service fee

Roamio OTA VOX 1TB DVR – With no

TiVo Roamio OTA VOX. The premium TV experience without the premium price - now with Voice Control. Cutting the cord? The TiVo Roamio OTA VOX was built for those looking for a full-throttled entertainment experience without cable or satellite. It works with any HD antenna, delivers 1 terabyte of recording capacity (up to 150 HD hours of HD programming) and integrates all your streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, YouTube, Pandora and more.(4) Best of all, it’s now available without a monthly TiVo service fee. Without those hefty monthly TV bills-and with TiVo service included in your purchase price-TiVo Roamio OTA VOX is the most economical premium TV experience available anywhere. Kindly enter your zip-code with a tool on the FCC's site to check the available TV reception in your locality.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: TiVo
  • ASIN: B078HS8386
  • UPC: 851342000674

ViewTV AT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box and Media Player

ViewTV AT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box and

Viewtv Setup Instructions 1. Plug Viewtv device into the wall outlet. 2. Plug your Antenna (RF compatible only) into the Viewtv RF IN port 3. Plug the provided AV cable into the matching Viewtv converter box AV OUT port. a.For HD support please use the provided HDMI Cable and plug into HDMI OUT port. 4.Plug the other end of the AV/HDMI cable into the TV's AV/HDMI IN port RF/Coaxial cable is also compatible, please set your TV output to channel 3 Please NOTE IMPORTANT: While this device DOES have limited QAM/Cable capability, it is NOT officially supported due to incompatibility issues with some cable providers. a. Please do NOT purchase this device soley for QAM/Cable use. Please be advised that it will work ONLY with DECRYPTED channels. It may NOT work with all Cable providers. b. Old TV's with analog tuners will NOT allow you to watch one channel and record another with this device. c. To delete channels go to Select Menu, Program, enter password 000000 d. New HDTVs WILL allow you to watch one channel using TV's digital tuner and record another, but you MUST enable "Loop Through" Under MENU/ Channel Search/ Modulation.(Credit to Andy) IMPORTANT: European DVB-T RF signal is NOT supported and will NOT work! Please REMOVE Clear Plastic Covering from the top of Viewtv Box befo...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: ViewTV
  • UPC: 848441023727

Get Rid of Cable - Use this Digital TV Converter Box To View and Record Full HD Digital Channels at no Cost (Instant or Scheduled Recording, 1080P HDTV, HDMI Output)

Get Rid of Cable - Use this Digital

Before you buy please note:- Not to be used as a cable box. This Digital Converter Box will NOT work with ANY cable services or signals such as Time Warner/Spectrum, AT&T, Cox, etc.- Not a standalone recorder. It is designed to ONLY record programs that it receives from an HD antenna. External USB storage device required - not included.- Number of channels received depends on your location and the antenna being used.- IMPORTANT: Please do an online search for available channels in your area and what type of antenna you need to receive channels. The FCC DTV Reception Map is a good source.Other Features:Favorite ChannelCreate your own custom channel list for easier browsing.Parental ControlKeep children from watching inappropriate shows with the Parental Control feature.Auto Signal TuningThe digital converter box auto tunes each channel so you can receive the best possible picture.Analog Pass-through Channel 3/4You can choose to have your shows broadcasted on channel 3/4.Recording and Multimedia Function - USB Flash Drive Required - NOT INCLUDED Record your favorite TV show, playback movies, view pictures, and listen to your favorite music.PURCHASE your digital converter box and if you are not satisfied, send it back within 30 DAYS for a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Click on Bu...

  • Brand: eXuby
  • ASIN: B015YP85UC
  • UPC: 637459221238

Terk Complete Cut The Cord Tuner Bundle with HDTV antenna , Fully Functional Tuner Box With DVR and 16GB Of Recording Space

Terk Complete Cut The Cord Tuner Bundle with

Now you can attach an antenna and connect to any television, digital home theater display, or projector to enjoy free local HD channels with the TERK HD Digital TV Tuner with Recording. Record and watch when you want with simple and easy scheduling of recordings, with more channel options without paying a monthly fee. Product Features: Simple and easy scheduling of recordings so you can watch when you want Front USB port to connect your storage drive for recording Fast-forward through commercials Easy-to-use interface Includes remote control and HDMI cable Product Specifications: Item Weight: 5 ounces Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 3.7 x 5.1 inches Origin: China

  • Brand: Terk
  • ASIN: B072MNR3FG
  • UPC: 841434177582

HDMI Splitter, GANA HDMI Switch Bidirectional 2 Input to 1 Output or 1 In to 2 Out, Supports 4K/3D/1080/HDCP Passthrough-HDMI Switcher for HDTV/Blu-Ray player/DVD/DVR/Xbox etc.

HDMI Splitter, GANA HDMI Switch Bidirectional 2 Input

GANA HDMI Bi-directional Switch The HDMI signal can go in either direction through this HDMI switch. The HDMI switch has a button on top. By pressing the button, you can select one of two HDMI source devices (e.g. Computer, Xbox One, PS3) to play on 1 HDMI projector or HDTV, or to play 1 HDMI signal source on one of 2 HDMI displays. Easy to Use Plug and play, no external power and driver required for this HDMI switch hub, the connection is made only via HDMI cables, it just takes you a couple of minutes to get it to work. Use Tips: -If Your HDMI Source Device (like XBox, PS4) supports 4K, please use a HDMI cable 2.0 to connect 4K HDMI Source Device & HDMI switch & display, since HDMI cable 1.4 (or below HDMI 1.4) isn't enough to support the resolution of 4K (4096*2160). -2. If your HDMI cable is not HDMI cable 2.0, you could adjust the resolution on your 4K HDMI Source device to 1080P (1920*1080) to match the specification of your HDMI cable. -3. HDMI switch box couldn't get two display devices to work simultaneously when you connect 1 HDMI-Host to 2 HDMI TVs or monitors. Wide Resolution Range and Broad Compatibility HDMI splitter box supports all kinds of video formats, like 3D, 1080p, 2K x 4K resolution, and also HD audio. Works with all devices fitted with HDMI port, such as P...

  • Brand: GANA
  • UPC: 711221904694
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