The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 (Studies in North American Indian History)

The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in

An acclaimed classic book, the 20th anniversary edition of The Middle Ground includes a new preface by the author.

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On Middle Ground: A History of the Jews of Baltimore

On Middle Ground: A History of the Jews

In 1938, Gustav Brunn and his family fled Nazi Germany and settled in Baltimore. Brunn found a job at McCormick’s Spice Company but was fired after three days when, according to family legend, the manager discovered he was Jewish. He started his own successful business using a spice mill he brought over from Germany and developed a blend especially for the seafood purveyors across the street. Before long, his Old Bay spice blend would grace kitchen cabinets in virtually every home in Maryland. The Brunns sold the business in 1986. Four years later, Old Bay was again sold―to McCormick. In On Middle Ground, the first truly comprehensive history of Baltimore’s Jewish community, Eric L. Goldstein and Deborah R. Weiner describe not only the formal institutions of Jewish life but also the everyday experiences of families like the Brunns and of a diverse Jewish population that included immigrants and natives, factory workers and department store owners, traditionalists and reformers. The story of Baltimore Jews―full of absorbing characters and marked by dramas of immigration, acculturation, and assimilation―is the story of American Jews in microcosm. But its contours also reflect the city’s unique culture.Goldstein and Weiner argue that Baltimore’s distinctive setting as b...

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Middle Ground


In this provocative cautionary tale for teens, the sequel to Awaken, seventeen-year-old Maddie’s rebellion against the digital-only life grows dangerous. Maddie is in Los Angeles, trying to stay out of trouble. But one night, a seemingly small act of defiance lands her in the place she fears the most: a detention center. Here, patients are reprogrammed to accept a digital existence. Maddie is now fighting for her mind, her soul, and her very life. Once again, Katie Kacvinsky paints a disturbing picture of our increasingly technology-based society.

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The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 (Studies in North American Indian History)

The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in

This book seeks to step outside the simple stories of Indian/white relations--stories of conquest and assimilation and stories of cultural persistence. It is, instead, about a search for accommodation and common meaning. It tells how Europeans and Indians met, regarding each other as alien, as virtually nonhuman, and how between 1650 and 1815 they constructed a common, mutually comprehensible world in the region around the Great Lakes that the French called the "Pays d'en haut". Here the older worlds of the Algonquins and various Europeans overlapped, and their mixture created new systems of meaning and of exchange. Finally, the book tells of the breakdown of accommodation and common meanings and the recreation of the Indians as alien and exotic. The process of accommodation described in this book takes place in a middle ground, a place in between cultures and peoples, and in between empires and non-state villages. On the middle ground people try to persuade others who are different than themselves by appealing to what they perceive to be the values and practices of those others. From the creative misunderstandings that result, there arise shared meanings and new practices.

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The Middle Ground

The Middle

Kate Armstrong, a successful English journalist and mother of grown children, faces that moment when--the emotional life of her young womanhood at an end--she must enter her later years with intelligence, understanding, and strength

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Slavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground: Maryland During the Nineteenth Century (Yale Historical Publications Series)

Slavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground: Maryland

During the tumultuous Civil War era, the border state of Maryland occupied a middle position both geographically and socially.  Situated between the slave-labor states of the lower South and the free-labor states of the North, Maryland—with a black population almost evenly divided between slave and free—has long received credit for moderation and mediation in an era of extremes.   Barbara Fields argues that this position in between concealed as intense and immoderate a drama as enacted in the Deep South.  According to Fields, “The middle ground imparted an extra measure of bitterness to enslavement, set close boundaries on the liberty of the ostensibly free, and played havoc with bonds of love, friendship, and family among slaves and between them and free black people.”  Moreover, the work of destroying slavery and constructing a society of free labor proved to be as difficult in Maryland as in the former Confederacy—even more difficult, in some respects.   Probing the relationships among Maryland’s slaves and free blacks, its slaveholders, and its non-slaveholders, Fields shows how centrist moderation turned into centrist immoderation under the stress of the Civil War and how social channels formed by slavery established the course of struggle over the shape ...

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There is No Middle Ground - In God's Kingdom: Examine Yourself Who Are You? Find Out!

There is No Middle Ground - In God's

This is a multi-pronged book, aimed at moderating, redirecting, aligning, and perfecting Christian believers to run the race according to God's standards. There is no compromise with God's standard, nor alliance between God's kingdom and the world. In the things of this world, it is always "a little to the left and a little to the right" which is a strategy in man's craftiness not to be caught on the wrong side. It has always been said that in politics, " there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. It is a marriage of convenience. However, this is contrary the Word of God. You are either on the right or on the left, either hot or cold; there is no middle ground. Thus, you need to know who you are as a believer, using the Word of God as a mirror, in order to enable you know your state and make an informed decision of which side you will choose to be. There are several areas of life in the kingdom, like marriage, our ultimate destination, commitment to God, our character manifestation and our lifestyle. I believe this book will bring some new dimensions that we may not have contemplated before now.

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Middle Ground [Explicit]

Middle Ground


No Middle Ground: An Action-packed Military Space Opera (Spineward Sectors- Middleton's Pride Book 1)

No Middle Ground: An Action-packed Military Space Opera

No Middle Ground is Book One of Eight in this action-packed military space opera series, set in the 24-books-and-counting Spineward Sectors universe written by the Wachter brothers, Luke Sky and Caleb.When the Empire abandoned the Spineward Sectors to their own devices, it was left to an underappreciated few like lifelong military man Tyrone 'Tim' Middleton and his crew of misfits aboard the aged Pride of Prometheus to keep their corner of the galaxy safe from forces which would tear it apart.This action-packed, character-driven space opera series is full of ship battles, space marine slugfests, interstellar politics, and at fourteen total books already written in the universe--including four in this particular sub-series--this team of author brothers is just getting started on this epic saga.

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