Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology provides foundational information about vehicles that use more than one propulsion technology to power a drive system. This new textbook is filled with technical illustrations and concise descriptions of the different configurations and vehicle platforms, the operation of various systems and the technologies involved, and the maintenance of hybrid electric vehicles. Required safety precautions used when working around high-voltage systems, especially in emergencies, are highlighted.

  • Brand: Brand: Amer Technical Pub
  • ASIN: 0826900666

Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions

Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies, and

Autonomous vehicles will change our fundamental lifestyles, and in doing so create what are perhaps the most significant opportunities of this century. The benefits are unprecedented. The challenges are sizeable but not insurmountable. The strategies are exciting. The disruptions will be frightening.Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions, written by a successful consultant and author on technology strategy, provides unique insight and perspective on autonomous vehicles:•See how basic lifestyles will be transformed with new inexpensive and very convenient methods of transportation.•Learn about autonomous driving, what it means, and the technologies that make it possible.•Consider the unprecedented benefits that autonomous vehicles will bring.•Discover autonomous ride services and how it will become one of the largest industries ever, but at the same time one of the most significant disruptions. •Comprehend the exciting new markets that autonomous vehicles will create.•Explore the anticipated strategies for each of the major companies competing for these exciting markets.•Understand the likely disruptions from autonomous vehicles, and the markets shifts they bring. •Be prepared for the future!In addition to an overall perspective on autonomo...

  • ASIN: B079VRQ7Y2

Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device (Blue)

Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device

Keep your vehicle in V8 mode! Disable 4 cylinder mode on all GM Active Fuel Management Vehicles.Installs in seconds! Plugs into diagnostic port with no tools needed.Does not reprogram factory ECU. Leaves no trace.Full power all the time. Increased throttle response and more consistent power delivery across the entire power band.Best for high load scenarios, such as towing, off-road, icy or snowy conditions or high speed commuting.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Range Technology
  • ASIN: B00BR1R8N8
  • UPC: 855748004021

Electric Vehicle Technology Explained

Electric Vehicle Technology

Fully updated throughout, Electric Vehicle Technology, Second Edition, is a complete guide to the principles, design and applications of electric vehicle technology. Including all the latest advances, it presents clear and comprehensive coverage of the major aspects of electric vehicle development and offers an engineering-based evaluation of electric motor scooters, cars, buses and trains. This new edition includes: important new chapters on types of electric vehicles, including pickup and linear motors, overall efficiencies and energy consumption, and power generation, particularly for zero carbon emissions expanded chapters updating the latest types of EV, types of batteries, battery technology and other rechargeable devices, fuel cells, hydrogen supply, controllers, EV modeling, ancillary system design, and EV and the environment brand new practical examples and case studies illustrating how electric vehicles can be used to substantially reduce carbon emissions and cut down reliance on fossil fuels futuristic concept models, electric and high-speed trains and developments in magnetic levitation and linear motors an examination of EV efficiencies, energy consumption and sustainable power generation. MATLAB® examples can be found on the companion website www.wiley.com/go/ele...

  • Brand: Brand: Wiley
  • ASIN: 111994273X

Gum Creek GCC-UVHHM-BLK Vehicle Handgun Mount Clip One Size GCCUVHHM

Gum Creek GCC-UVHHM-BLK Vehicle Handgun Mount Clip One

Quick and accessible, our universal steering wheel column mount is ideal for carrying a handgun in your vehicle for convenience or self-defense. Great for those who often conceal carry and may not want to keep their pistol on them while driving. Also popular for those who travel or as a self-defense system for situations where a weapon is desired to be in immediate close reach. No more shoving a handgun between seats, placing under a seat, in a door, on/in a console, or in any other area that is uncomfortable, unsafe or non-secure. Simply use one of our Gum Creek Vehicle Mount Holster's (select size above) or any common type of holster you may already own**. Install the mount directly into the gap below your steering wheel column and secure at the bottom of the dash/kick panel. Release mount in seconds to securely put away if desired. This product is not vehicle or firearm specific. One size fits all. Length adjusts from 6¾" - 13½". Color: Black. Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty. Patent Pending NOTE: Holster is not included, most clip or belt holsters will work with these straps.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Gum Creek / Otis Technologies
  • ASIN: B00CJUT62M
  • UPC: 853967004006

Flight Assembled Architecture

Flight Assembled

  • ASIN: B07B4LYG65

Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems (Synthesis Lectures on Computer Science)

Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems (Synthesis Lectures on Computer

This book is the first technical overview of autonomous vehicles written for a general computing and engineering audience. The authors share their practical experiences of creating autonomous vehicle systems. These systems are complex, consisting of three major subsystems: (1) algorithms for localization, perception, and planning and control; (2) client systems, such as the robotics operating system and hardware platform; and (3) the cloud platform, which includes data storage, simulation, high-definition (HD) mapping, and deep learning model training. The algorithm subsystem extracts meaningful information from sensor raw data to understand its environment and make decisions about its actions. The client subsystem integrates these algorithms to meet real-time and reliability requirements. The cloud platform provides offline computing and storage capabilities for autonomous vehicles. Using the cloud platform, we are able to test new algorithms and update the HD map-plus, train better recognition, tracking, and decision models.This book consists of nine chapters. Chapter 1 provides an overview of autonomous vehicle systems; Chapter 2 focuses on localization technologies; Chapter 3 discusses traditional techniques used for perception; Chapter 4 discusses deep learning based techniq...

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  • ASIN: 1681730073

Wireless Car Charger Mount Holder for Cell Phone - Automatic Infrared Sensor Built-in to Open/Close Grip - iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhoneX/Samsung S9/S9+/Note8/S8+/S8/Note5/S7 Edge/S7/S6 Edge Plus/S6 Edge

Wireless Car Charger Mount Holder for Cell Phone

The most innovative car mount for your precious cell phone! Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging car mount without plugging charging cable into your smartphone. Keep your cell phone within reach inside the vehicle with high visibility. Easy to install the latest car mount technology with the Air vent mount clamp. One-hand operation utilizing the Automatic Infrared Sensor to open and grip the phone to hold and secure -> Simply wave the phone in front of the sensor to open grip, and automatically closes once the device rests on the back mount to secure. Add convenience to your driving - Avoid distraction to the driver's attention with a new feeling for innovation. ***NOTE: USB Car Charger Port is required to operate.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Yitian Technology Limited
  • ASIN: B07D8KR1D1

Zebra Technologies P1010338 Ram Mount Kit for QLN420 Mobile Printer for Forklift Vehicle Cradle

Zebra Technologies P1010338 Ram Mount Kit for QLN420


  • Brand: Zebra Technologies
  • ASIN: B0041BM8DG
  • UPC: 682017484372
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