Pasta: Williams-Sonoma Collection

Pasta: Williams-Sonoma

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Pasta Night (Williams-Sonoma)

Pasta Night

An engaging, solution-oriented approach to cooking tempting everyday meals for family and friends. This collectible series of cookbooks focuses on simple, yet delicious dinners for any day of the week, with a selection of recipes that are easy to please all ages and palates.Pasta is the go-to dish for a quick weeknight meal or a sumptuous weekend feast. This book runs the gambit of recipes, showing you how to make enticing and nutritious homemade dinners for any day of the week. Not only goes the book offer a variety of sauces – from pesto to Bolognese to Alfredo, it offers step by step instructions and illustrations for making your own pasta and will widen your repertoire by covering best sauces for various shapes, options for vegetarians, a full array of baked pasta dishes and tasty sides and salads. There’s even advice how to put your town twist on ready-made sauces or finding something that everyone will love. Part of a collectible series that focus on simple, yet delicious dinners for any day of the week, with a selection of recipes that are easy to please for all ages and palates. Also available: Chicken Night, Taco Night and Pizza Night.

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Williams-Sonoma Complete Pasta Cookbook [Best of Pasta Collection]

Williams-Sonoma Complete Pasta Cookbook [Best of Pasta

Williams-Sonoma Complete Pasta Cookbook is an oversized, full-color illustrated cookbook.

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Fresh Pasta Cookbook

Fresh Pasta

Delicious fresh pasta is easily achievable with the easy-to-follow directions and delicious recipes from the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen experts.You choose the method for making fresh pasta—electric pasta machine, stand mixer, food processor, or by hand— then follow the easy recipes to make more than 25 delicious dishes featuring fresh pasta in a wide range of shapes, flavors, and varieties. Sample recipes include: Fettuccine with Asparagus, Spring Peas & Creamy Burrata; Penne with Fennel Seed Bolognese; Zucchini Ravioli with Mint & Pea Pesto; Bucatini with Pancetta, White Bean Sauce & Garlicky Bread Crumbs; Cacio e Pepe Potato Gnocchi with Delicata Squash; Orecchiette with Broccolini & Italian Sausage; Lasagna with Sage Leaves, Butternut Squash & Brown Butter.

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Pasta (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library)

Pasta (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen

Food, Pasta, Specialty Cuisine, Fine Dining, Recipes, Kitchen

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Pasta (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library)

Pasta (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen

Identifies types of pasta, tells how to make, cook, and serve pasta, and presents recipes for salads, main dishes, and side dishes featuring pasta

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Williams-Sonoma Complete Pasta Cookbook (Williams-Sonoma Complete Cookbooks)

Williams-Sonoma Complete Pasta Cookbook (Williams-Sonoma Complete

Book by Williams-Sonoma

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Risotto (Williams-Sonoma Pasta Collection)

Risotto (Williams-Sonoma Pasta

It's the ideal comfort food--an appealing combination of tender, chewy rice, creamy sauce, cheese, and a whole host of delicious embellishments. This collection of recipes for risotto dishes ranges from Italian classics to contemporary favorites.

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The Pasta Book (Williams-Sonoma)

The Pasta Book

The ultimate collection of more than 100 modern and classic pasta, noodle, and dumpling recipes from around the world.The book takes an up-to-date, comprehensive look at one of our most beloved foods in all its various guises, from spaghetti to soba to lasagna to dumplings. Filled with a vast array of dish types, the book covers fresh, dried, and filled pasta and a variety of both classic and modern sauces.

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